Do you have this inner calling and knowing that there must be More?

Back in 2018, I knew that there was MORE to life. 

That’s why I left a safe job and an environment that didn’t feel aligned anymore, where I couldn’t live my highest potential.

Seen from the outside, I seemed to be very successful.

Deep within however, I felt lost, desperate and stuck in the past or worrying about the future… but never in the here & now. 

I was always looking for my place, purpose & above all: 



I deeply knew that there must be MORE.
That’s why I decided to follow my heart.

MORE about my story HERE

How cool would it be... wake up in the morning, motivated & inspired? begin a new day, feeling excited about life?

how cool would it be to wake up in the morning to feel excited and motivated knowing that you live a life aligned with your values, visions and dreams?

Knowing deep within you that
THIS is the life you’ve always dreamt about….

Sensitive leader with a deep inner calling

Magical, Soulful, Empowering & MORE

The biggest change for me was tapping into my intuition and my inner knowing.

Really embodying my creative flow which has allowed me to tune in and tap into myself more.

Make decisions that light me up and lead with my heart.

You allowed me to be seen, held & heard as the person I truly am.

You’re incredible and I am so grateful we worked together.

- Ellen Mohan

MORE - Your 12 weeks signature coaching

What is included?

Clarity Questionnaire – inspiring questions will empower you to tune within and find out what you truly want

Clarity Call (30 minutes) – this call aims to clarify your individual needs based on your answers in the questionnaire and find out if we could be a good match for coaching.

1 x Inspiration and Goal Setting Session (60 to 90 minutes)  – we set your individual and inspiring goals for the upcoming 12 weeks coaching journey.

5 x biweekly Coaching Sessions (60 minutes each) – together we set action steps towards your beautiful and inspiring vision.

E-Mail and voice message support – As your personal coach and cheerleader it is my mission to support you also between sessions. Indeed, change can make us feel afraid at times and therefore, I have at heart to support you the best I can.

Our sessions can take place via Skype or Zoom. This means that we can connect with each other no matter where you live  + you can stay in your comfy home with a cup of tea or coffee.

If this resonates with you, I would love to propose you a Free Clarity Call.

You are worthy of investing time and energy in yourself.