About Fabienne

Hallo, bonjour & welcome, sensitive leader!

My name is Fabienne Désirée Jetter.
I am a Certified International Life Coach. for sensitive leadership.

I compassionately empower sensitive women to step into their power, own who they truly are and how they want to live & show up in the world.

There is potential in every person and situation.

– Fabienne Désirée Jetter

I love to inspire sensitive, intuitive women to go for their dreams and create the life they so deeply desire.

I deeply knew that there must be MORE.
That's why I decided to follow my heart.

A multicultural background

I grew up in Germany.

When I turned 18, I followed my heart and created a new life & “art de vivre” in France.

Living in the French capital, Paris for 9 years has opened my heart & mind for different cultures and infinite possibilities.

My intuitive wisdom

I have always had an enormous gut feeling and openness to the invisible, being both, highly sensitive and highly intuitive… and so much more 😉

Personal and spiritual development has empowered me to trust and follow my intuition even more, especially during challenging times.

Realignment is key to welcome true happiness

And again I followed my heart's calling...

Seen from the outside, I seemed to be very successful: a Master’s Degree in International Marketing & Management, good job positions in international corporates in Paris, a stable relationship…

Deep within however, I felt lost, desperate and stuck in the past or worrying about the future… but never in the here & now. I was always looking for my place, purpose & above all: real happiness.

Step by step, I let go of the old version of myself & realigned with my true nature & visions.

I left a safe job and an environment that didn’t feel aligned anymore, where I couldn’t live my highest potential. 

This also included to leave behind an obsolete lifestyle in order to welcome a new art of living.


I followed the calling…​

… and my deep passion for personal and spiritual development and today I am a Certified International Life Coach & entrepreneur in Lyon, the French City of Light.

I am passionate about empowering intuitive women to truly believe in themselves and reconnect with their deepest visions and dreams.

I inspire them to embrace who they truly are and create a personal and professional life they really love (far away from social conditioning).

My mission & vision

I love to connect with, uplift & empower like-minded, heart centred women and create positive change in this world. 

My biggest passion is to empower sensitive women to go for their visions & dreams, too.


My mission is to communicate passion for a compassionate world.

I passionately invite you to create this together.