Fabienne Jetter is a certified international life coach for intuitive and sensitive leaders with big visions

International, inspiring, intuitive

Hallo, bonjour & welcome, sensitive leader!

My name is Fabienne Désirée Jetter.

I am a Certified International Life Coach for sensitive leadership with a multicultural background.

My biggest passion is to empower like-minded sensitive women to truly believe in themselves and reconnect with their deepest visions and dreams.

I love to inspire them to live their most expansive and meaningful life.


Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, lost & ready for positive change in your life?

As a Certified International Life Coach I am passionate about empowering sensitive women to step into their power & create their unique art of living.

Ready for MORE?


You have this deep inner feeling & knowing that there must be MORE. You are ready to uplevel your life & create your own art of living


My worldwide, intuitive coachings are personalised & solution-oriented. You will feel empowered to create longlasting positive change in your life, on a holistic level.


Every coaching is based on mutual trust, authenticity, honesty, respect, compassion & kindness.
I deeply care about people and their wellbeing on a holistic level.

You are worthy of creating the life you so deeply desire.